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Agriculture Operations

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High Country Helicopters provides professional aerial agricultural services to the rural communities of Southland. All helicopters are equipped with the latest in digital GPS Tracmap technology to ensure precise application and digital record keeping of sprays and fertilizers. We provide proof of placement maps with every job completed and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and guarantee you’ll love working with our team.

Let us know how we can assist you today.

AG Services


Forestry Spraying







  • Fertiliser Application 

  • Aerial Spraying 

  • Liquid Fertiliser 

  • Vineyard & Orchard Frost protection

  • Arial Seed Sowing 

  • Controlled Burns 

  • Mustering

  • Wild animal recovery

  • Pest Control 

  • Sluicing 

  • Forestry 

  • Gorse & srub spraying 

  • Forestry Spraying




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Gorse / Scrub 


 All High Country Helicopters machines have Tracmap GPS guidance systems in them which we have integrated our entire booking and charging system which includes a proof of placement map attached to each invoice showing coverage area, working lines, and a variety of other information if needed to suit your needs. As part of our service, we can map your entire farm and put any relevant hazards. This means essentially all you need to do is book an application (fert or spraying) select the paddocks on your Tracmap file or we can do this for you, and we can take care of any logistics with transport or relevant reps if needed.

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