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Safety Is Key

It is our safety policy that all elements of High Country Helicopters actively promote safety objectives and conduct aviation activities in a safe and efficient manner and in compliance with civil aviation legislations and our safety management principles. 


We are committed to developing, implementing and maintaining safety strategies and processes to ensure that all our activities achieve an exceptional level of operation, non-operational, environmental and business safety performance.

High Country Helicopters operates an open-door policy, providing personnel with access to the chief executive and senior management regarding safety concerns, training request and business improvement proposals.

High Country Helicopters use QAOSH Services Limited. QAOSH Services  has provided small to medium aviation companies with external audit and safety assurance services as an independent monitor of their companies’ systems and compliance, and provided liaison between themselves and the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority and their Australian and South Pacific equivalents.

Our Safety Management System 


Report to High Country Helicopters
Have you recieved a safety breifing from High Country Helicopters?
Do you have any hazards our pilots/crew need to be aware of?

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